Oscillating Car Wash Dryer Nozzles

Now there's a better and more energy efficient way to dry vehicles and that's with a dryer system from The Dryer Pros. Equipped with our unique and patented oscillating nozzles, all the nozzles on this dryer are linked together and synchronized to produce powerful, overlapping air streams that efficiently strip water from vehicles like no other dryer can.

While other oscillating nozzles have have wear parts that require frequent replacement, this simple and time-proven design suspends the housing with two oversized pillow block bearings that last for years. In fact, there are hundreds of nozzles like this that have been in service over ten years with the original bearings. Now there's a maintenance claim the competition can't make.

This unique design has no internal mechanism that can create turbulance and restrict airflow like some other oscillating nozzles do. Plus, our special oval-shaped nozzle delivers a powerful and concentrated air stream that produces maximum drying results on all vehicles.

As this car enters the dryer, notice how the oscillating air stream from the top nozzle quickly and efficiently pushes water off the hood and over the sides. In-car customers are impressed with the oscillating nozzles' overlapping action. After the top nozzle moves water over to the sides, watch how the up and down sweeping action of the side nozzle keeps working the water downward leaving the door and window dry. When it comes to coverage, no area goes untouched by these amazing nozzles.

The special oscillating nozzles you've just seen are available on most models of dryers from the Dryer Pros. Their continuous overlapping action will cover twice the area of the standard air producer so fewer nozzles are required to get the same or better results as a conventional dryer. And that means lower energy costs.

If you want more information or would like a quote on a dryer equipped with these very impressive nozzles, give The Dryer Pros a call. You'll be glad you did.