Welcome to The Dryer Pros

The Dryer Pros staff of experts have been developing new and innovative vehicle dryers for over 35 years, innovations that have set new standards in vehicle drying technology around the world. Because dryers are The Dryer Pros only product, its line of high-performance car wash dryers is the most extensive in the industry today. With well-known dryer names like Tempest, Progressive, Spirit, Horizon and more. The Dryer Pros has enough models and options to cover a wide range of dryer needs, from in-bay automatics to express tunnels to bus and truck washes.

5-Point Advantage

Advantage 1: Single Product Manufacturer

Since dryers are our only product, we can focus on producing the finest, most state-of-the-art dryers in the industry.

Advantage 2: Exceptional Drying Performance

The reason our dryers out-perform the competition is because of our specially designed air producers. Their distinctively shaped housings with oval discharge nozzles combined with our custom, made-in-house SUPERfans produces a powerful and concentrated column of air that dries vehicles like no other dryer.

Advantage 3: Time-Tested Reliability

We installed our first revolutionary car wash dryers with direct-discharge nozzles over 25 years ago. Not only has the quality and workmanship stood the test of time, so has the technology.

Advantage 4: Many Models to Choose From

The Dryer Pros is the preferred source for state-of-the-art dryers for every type of car wash from in-bay automatics to express tunnels to bus and truck dryers.

Advantage 5: Dependable Factory Support

From site preparation to start-up, The Dryer Pros team stands ready to assist you with getting your new dryer operating as soon as possible. And, you can count on that dedication to customer service to continue for years to come.